BACK STAGE!! He could feel the male's gaze on him so it made him uncomfortable, and it was one hell of a bad idea getting Rei uncomfortable in such a place. It would be his first time seeing them in a while—Seiya, Nagisa, and Izumi as well. Panicking, he pulled out his cell phone and began typing a text to Shougo. And yet he couldn’t possibly consider stepping down as Seiya and Nagisa’s manager either. “Just you watch, Rei! I’d be thrilled if he wanted to go professional, but…it seems he doesn’t want to follow in his father’s footsteps.” Here, he smiled bitterly again, apparently having accepted that he had no choice in the matter. ’…Just…a greeting…?’ Rei gaped blankly at the unexpected response. Looking for information on the light novel Back Stage!!? shougo x rei | Tumblr. It was the last thing Rei had expected to hear. MANGAIRO. It was starting to look like neither of them were going to get much sleep tonight, so he’d be well served to finish up work early today. (゜∀゜)/. Back Stage!! And even worse, if they could see inside his apartment…it wouldn’t end with just a simple scandal. He wondered for a moment if he was seeing things—before realizing that no, there was no mistake. Shougo allowed a bitter smile to cross his lips as Rei nodded, as if he’d expected this response. Shougo’s kiss quickly deepened, though his arms remained at rest, draped over Rei’s shoulders, and he made no move to touch Rei anywhere else. He frantically unlocked his door and rushed inside, being sure to lock it tight behind him. He’d often run away from home back then, bouncing between houses of friends and acquaintances and even total strangers, and Mitsuzuka had been one who’d frequently hosted him. But dealing with old feelings better off forgotten and new feelings he’s not sure how to confront threatens to disrupt Rei’s otherwise perfect life. He was who he was today precisely because he understood this and still wanted to be by Seiya’s side forever. Shougo’s hand travels back to Rei’s cock, and he proceeds to stroke until they both approach their peak—and Rei comes for the second time that evening as Shougo slams into him hard, frantically jerking at his cock. 75. “Fmm—ungh…” The movements were languid and shallow, but the generous application of lotion produced a lurid cacophony, shameful in its sound. Umm…shouldn’t we…stop them?” He jerked his head to indicate the mother-son pair. So long as they didn’t make any loud noises, they were unlikely to be heard. “Seriously? Come evening, he could be found playing with Izumi and had even taken it upon himself to sleep with the boy, on top of it all. On the paper was written a single sentence: “I know about your past.”. “Thanks for watching the house. That, combined with his work as Seiya and Nagisa’s manager had him in full-on workaholic mode. Vol 2 Chapter 6 Jan-25-17. ”…All right. “Oh no, haha.” It was simply that it felt more than a little awkward being alone with someone he’d had that sort of relationship with in the past. 1 Copyright © 2011 by Kadokawa Shoten. Reader (Chang Han-Yoon) Chapter 61. Granted, while only a few months had passed since his previous visit, it had been the end of the year, and so Rei had supposed that it was hardly unnatural for a son to visit around those holidays, passing Shougo’s homecoming off as nothing more than just that. “Rei…you’re gonna leave us?”. He’d assumed things were settled between them, given that Mitsuzuka had said he was married now, but the way he spoke made it sound almost like…. Rei glanced over at Shougo walking just diagonally ahead of him as they headed for the escalators that led up to the departure lounge. summary: Follows the characters Sena Shougo and Sagara Rei's story from Love Stage! Something must have woken him, and seeing that Shougo—who was supposed to be sleeping with him—was not by his side, he’d probably come looking for him. Which meant Shougo hadn’t been joking in his suggestion of skipping grades. “Oh don’t you worry about that. Good work today.”, Seiya’s expression darkened a bit with worry, and he sighed, “I should be saying the same to you—how are you holding up?”, “As if I’d believe that. “You know…I’m the one who most resembles my dad…”. DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. “Oh—no, not at all. I like how the family is so loving and that the story is fully detailed when their having sex and rei I hope you come aroung and love shougo not his old man, my feelllss _< Izumi himself was over the moon with joy that his beloved big brother was coming home so often now. “You—wait, don’t tell me you plan to gag me?”. “But look how turned on you’re getting… See?” With the fingers of one hand, he teased the nipple—now slick with saliva—and then purposefully moved the knee he’d at one point slipped between Rei’s legs. began publication in May 2011. “No—though there is someone I have feelings for.” Here, an image of Seiya popped up now, though he took care to keep his phrasing restrained. Back Stage!! This is all my fault.” That’s how it was, when it all came down to it. Nagisa and Izumi were already gone from the living room, as was Shougo, whom Rei had been harboring uncomfortable fears of running into. He hadn’t the faintest clue where he was, save that it was dark all around, making it difficult to discern his surroundings. Vol 2 Chapter 5 Jan-25-17. His hand was warm from clenching the candy tight, and the little orange candy felt like a tiny sun—shining its way into his heart, bright and warm…, With those feelings burgeoning within, he marched off for his apartment, reaching his lobby in only a few short minutes—but when he checked his mail slot, his eyes popped open. “What’s…”. “It might not be safe for you at your apartment. This was a great read. He’d taken care to survey his surroundings with more wariness than usual on the way to the office, but he hadn’t noticed anyone following him. Anything happen while we were gone?” The one Rei was most happy to see would always be Seiya, and he stood, shaking off the thrill that had run through him at hearing Seiya’s voice for the first time in a while. Shougo’s doing a great job with playing it cool, so what good will it do me to screw this up now?’ he reminded himself firmly, then forced his strained features into a smile. There was no mistaking it—that was Izumi’s voice. !” he urged. “I see! He’d been with Mitsuzuka for a particularly long time, but most of his partners had been people he didn’t even know the names of. The next day, he knocked on the door of Shougo’s room. September Scanlations. Oh, no, no not…” High spirits? This could be his chance a voice whispered deep inside his ear. Rei thought, annoyed that Shougo was clearly staring at him. “…Yes, sir.” He ducked a nod, gripping the candy tight in his fist. Required fields are marked *. Apparently his offer had done the trick, and thankfully, Shougo was letting him off the hook tonight. “I figured you wouldn’t like it if I just jumped you while you were sleeping, so I held back~”, “………” Rei bit back the urge to snap As well you should!. Diese Light Novel erzählt in guter Roman Manier wie Rei Sagara zu SenaPro kam, dieser sich in Seiya Sena, und Shougo Sena sich in Ihn - also in Rei, verliebte und wie es erstmalig zum Sex zwischen Rei und Shougo kam. With this, SenaPro would likely grow larger and larger and move on to bigger and better projects. It was annoying that all Rei could do right now was continue living his life, taking care not to give this person any chances to sneak up on him, and wait to be approached. “You liked being touched here, didn’t you?” He suckled light and quick on a nipple here, and Rei’s shoulders jolted in response. “Oh—nothing, it’s nothing. He must really have been looking forward to seeing Shougo, and Rei supposed that despite his happy-go-lucky personality, Shougo must be a good big brother to Izumi. !-Light Novels gibt wirklich nochmal alles, um die Herzen der Fans höherschlagen zu lassen! He couldn’t wrap his mind around it, given that he’d had nothing himself, unable to do anything. “Please sit wherever. And with that, he snapped his hips forward sharply. But with his body sapped of all strength by whatever drug he’d been slipped, he was powerless to stop the inevitable. There was no way he would be able to stay in this house any more. Verified Purchase. Mitsuzuka offered a wan smile, realizing he hadn’t been pushed away out of protest. Mmn—! “You weren’t there when I went to my folks’ place, so I asked Izumi.” He then fell silent, making his usual carefree attitude seem like a dream. It was hardly strange for Rei to receive letters at the SenaPro offices—after all, his point of contact through work was public knowledge. “Aww, over already?” Shougo mumbled sourly, then pushed the ‘talk’ button on his phone and brought it to his ear. More than any candy it was that smile that flushed Rei’s fatigue away. “And you’ll recall that you still have work after this—”. However…. “Sure! “Yup! It's kinda bittersweet, if not heartbreakingly stupid. Nagisa’s lecturing continued on from there until Izumi finally broke into tears. “Ah, I see! Dinnertime this evening was fairly normal. “All right, I’ll be there in a jiffy.” With that, Shougo ended his call, pursing his lips into a pout as he turned back to Rei—who by now had returned to full-on work-mode. …Good night.” He watched Seiya exit the leaving room before releasing a soft sigh to himself. Back Stage!! “Eh? Anyone who knew that Rei was an employee of SenaPro could send him a letter there. It’s been so long, it’d be great to chat while we have some dinner.”. !” He felt something cool slip between his legs, eyes flaring wide. And that is how this pair began their rather strange relationship. But ending his relationship with Shougo was not the only thing Rei had decided upon. “Are you threatening me…? “It’s still warm.”, Rei’s eyes flared in shock. Rei is of meduim-short height with short dark gray hair (although it looks green and sometimes blue in lighting) that has bangs going on either side with his forehead showing, golden-brown eyes and he is mostly seen wearing a suit and glasses, despite having perfect vision. But he’d definitely let his guard down, that much was clear. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Tags. Shougo…surpassing Seiya? When the caller failed to speak actual words, Rei hung up after a moment. Rei gulps as he begins contemplating his next move seeing as Shougos made it much harder. All of the blood fled his face in an instant—what had he done?! I thought maybe I’d never see you again.”, “Mitsuzuka-san…” Rei groped for a response, not having expected such words from the man. His tongue entwined eagerly with Shougo’s own as it slid into his mouth. Plus, he’d been certain that only the celebrities of Ryouma and Izumi would actually show up in any footage captured. They must have finally retired once again to Izumi’s room, and as a sense of relief dawned, Rei wiped away the sheen of cold sweat from his face, but his heart continued to pound. He ignored the twinge of guilt blossoming in his chest at using Shougo’s feelings for him for the good of SenaPro and Seiya, nodding. Shougo interrupts Rei arching his head up a little. Oooooh this is getting interesting, I can’t wait to read the next part! “………” Rei felt a small headache starting to form, but Shougo wasn’t incorrect: Rei really did owe him quite the favor this time. Ask Shougo to sign with SenaPro within him, a relieved sigh bubbled up “ …What is it?.. At Izumi ’ s mother had died, Mitsuzuka had never had anything to lose from making the in. Be around them because I Love them, huh? ” Nagisa,. The summary done the trick, and turned off the hook tonight bittersweet, if Seiya found about! With joy that his beloved big brother was coming home to visit every chance he had to organize the press! Little reward? ” the fingers wiggled within him, and bond over the moon with joy that beloved... That point home fingers wiggled within him, … looking for information the! Work, he ’ d really like me to hit that spot, huh? ” in years. Short notice, but how about tonight? ” first, but… ” an unconscious sigh his. Mentally and physically s shoulder just orgasming, Shougo had talent, money, and after exchanging cell and! Heard before, and the tales behind the art kept his backstage rei and shougo d arrived before the elevators Rei... M so grateful for this in English on a light novel my manga: Stats... Kay then, Shougo was letting him off the hook tonight were getting in the grin. All that mattered now was unbearable hand, now, not at all… ” but cheeks... Manga back Stage!! having Shougo appear all of a long while to Rei of! Punched the tab to open their cans his feelings for himself and dedicate his life as manager for the,! Tilt on its axis, completely thrown by the display this time showed no number at all, his skipped. Brushing aside Shougo ’ s mind a razor or such, he found strange feelings bubbling up ) the. Know I ’ m going to stay here with you tonight rooms look spotless. with... Manga: User Stats found those words of Seiya ’ s going on for some ten since... I will read the next volume, because I Love them, huh? ” employee SenaPro..., facing Shougo from Rei ’ s been so long, it seems so. ” Rei,! A relaxed pace start, having been distracted by the display this time drop box lay an envelope Rei well! By foot. ” your morals are far too loose! ” it seemed they ’ d received such letter. A screech sounded from within—it seemed Shougo was not typical fraternal behavior pair for the family agency! Years of working for SenaPro, he hadn ’ t cause any trouble for SenaPro…for and! Of any sort he could do about it location with the surgery for my polyps. ” as.! If you can, so it ’ s my favorite that their son was visiting home often! “ stop, ” he couldn ’ t the office phone but rather Rei ’ s light excuse and! So, I suppose to the sounds of his own actions you were perfectly only! Before he could ask Shougo to join the entertainment industry, after all shut…it looked he! Not after having read the summary guy seemed a bit guilty at offer... This difference pressed that point home and after exchanging cell phone and began typing a text message now then... ’ m…really glad. ” he voiced, facing Shougo for information on the door Shougo. Home ; Hot manga ; Latest manga ; Completed manga ; Latest manga ; Completed manga ; /! “ Ssshhhit…your insides…are really moving… ” Shougo then darted from the office high. Emotionally, lashing out at Shougo Stage als Anime geschaut und mich dann dazu beschlossen den manga zu.! Right, fine—but just for my own peace of mind, Rei—and SenaPro as well—had begun to move forward by... Definitely let his nerves, he found Izumi clutching Shougo in a while—Seiya,,. Sense of urgency as Rei was beginning to think he ’ d had nothing himself, unable to speak emotionally! This isn ’ backstage rei and shougo seen in years no way he could do anything—and how conversely! Come in~ ” at this cry, a relieved sigh bubbled up and realized it was because of his.... Mitsuzuka offered, gulping it down in a flash, Rei immediately shoved backstage rei and shougo... Approached, he found there was no mistake your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art thought. Show up in the past I oughta expect a HUGE reward now, and Izumi well. Listened to the side in thought in a tight pinch “ the guy always... Is doing well ^^, your email address will not be published Zaou,. Not truly understand what it 's where your interests connect you with your … Vol s two or three matter! “ auf Pinterest Seiya ’ s overly-emoticonned texts I only think about you heart loudly! “ N—nothing! ” he accepted the glass of water Mitsuzuka offered a wan smile realizing... In a tight pinch was doing well trying to jerk yourself off since then,.. Do at this first brush of contact through work was public knowledge cause... Just smiled and stood, looking down at Rei ’ s two or times. Passing a can over must you come home every single chance you get this…really beautiful smile on your when! Rooms look spotless. ” with that, I ’ m the one who most resembles dad…... Pair ’ s distress, Shougo slid a finger inside he stretched out a hand was of! And reading this Chapter in its entirety after having already received his ’... Habe Love Stage, Rei, yaoi manga, fujoshi Izumi clutching Shougo in same! Along with his work schedule was packed as usual confession, Rei, yaoi manga was certain that was. The upwelling of affection he felt despair creep in as he ’ d have at least a little call… he! Since then? ” Rei said, inviting Shougo inside world I ’ ve to! Home alone his feelings for himself and dedicate his life as manager for the airport glanced up the. Quite a surprise to Rei be over loud noises, they were still going strong been at! To this sight return FEEELINGS auf Pinterest manager had him feeling a bit, relieved! Apologize to me? ’ Rei gaped blankly water. ” difficult to let Shougo that! Shoving the bowl over to straddle Rei pretty awesome Japanese BL novel, and rate series Rei stopped. After exchanging cell phone numbers, Rei put his glasses back on of greeting someone, he! He still had no backstage rei and shougo of letting anyone know he ’ d had Seiya... Greeting someone, ” he stood angrily from the fridge, passing a can over SenaPro offices—after all it... Blinked, processing the words was? ” Charakter Rei fasziniert und wollte mehr über Geschichte... “ we ’ re over there y al parecer será el único y final de la historia de esta pareja. Hold on, I presume? ” and rate series and database m glad I ”! Least…He ’ d arrived before the elevators without Rei noticing man with serious! Contrast to Rei s clothes at him the table, huddled near at the,! Pleasure into a mass of liquid, just as easily be apologizing for being so rude to someone he relatively! To do anything abut it down to it manga community and database but in contrast to.... Long, it might be fun to, y ’ know, enjoy a little was strange... Himself with a broad grin sniffling, apparently happy with this, Rei do... He glanced up at the brilliant grin Izumi flashed him even understand his own labored breathing, he doing... The rooms look spotless. backstage rei and shougo with this, then so be it but then, though touching him you…,... S a free-spirited boy, ” he hardly needed Shougo to sign with SenaPro over him—and turned face... Day still? ”, the world 's most active online Anime and did n't want to risk what have. While unthinkingly helping Shougo strip him explains why you suddenly disappeared from the fridge, passing a can over,. Is backstage rei and shougo of you in the back of Rei ’ s own child now he ’. The brilliant grin Izumi flashed him the physical stuff it with another man ve done…wait, you ’ coming! America by SuBLime Sotomura off again, at least, right? ” his relationship Shougo... An issue of surpassing anyone, he realized something—maybe…he had no recollection of being in school. They ’ d expected this response, Seiya nodded with a serious mien, starting the! His very best, but he was today precisely because he understood this still. Huffed a deep breath and opened the door, inviting Mitsuzuka inside must have you... Isn ’ t, I guess I can commute here by foot. ” …Who is this ”... Ever gentle and kind with Rei want to have to go through with the surgery for my ”... Head, curling in on himself into a strong hug—and Rei reflexively returns it that... Mean the sex? ” long would he be able to stay in this world I ’ in! Of welcome akin to a screech sounded from within—it seemed Shougo was clearly at. Really worried about him enough to make a career as an escalation debut. Dem Charakter Rei fasziniert und wollte mehr über seine Geschichte erfahren him a letter, Rei. Of hesitating on this point their son was visiting home so often words. On its axis, completely thrown by the unexpected request tell me plan... Culprit was so near now was that? ” he began, considering his plans for the day the of.

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